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Sparky’s Random Player Cam: José Antonio Reyes

Arsenal fans will have no doubt erased from their memory the £10.5m Arsene Wenger shelled out for a 20 year-old Spanish winger nurtured through a Sevilla side that also produced Sergio Ramos. While the elegant Real Madrid defender now counts the World Cup and European Championships amongst his honours, Reyes, once on the international radar, is finally beginning to recover the kind of form that once attracted English (and French) eyes.

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Fergie’s cast-offs a cut above the rest

It must be a daunting prospect stepping out at training a fresh-faced newcomer, eager to impress, confident in your ability, until you look out at your prospective new team mates and see a 35-year old Paul Scholes effortlessly spraying passes just as he did 10 years ago, and a 36-year old Ryan Giggs showing no signs his qualities will be diminishing any time soon.

Stepping up to the reality of playing for one of the most successful football clubs in the modern era is one thing to get used to, witnessing the evergreen faces of Giggs, Scholes and Neville surely makes the task all the more difficult.

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Sparky’s Random Player Cam: Yaan M’Vila

Prompted by an empty bank balance leading to a Saturday night in front of the telly, the notion of Player Cam was first introduced amongst my fellow football-loving colleagues.

Whether it was a new signing, or a player putting in a string of good performances gone largely unnoticed by most, Player Cam involved watching Football First and studying an individual performance.

Applying that to the wider realms of European and international football, the first of many Player Cams on Sparky in Rotterdam ’91 begins with a look at a young midfielder seizing his opportunity in an international side supremely low on confidence.

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